Organizations Section Full Membership

(1) The association consists of member organisations (MO) and individual members (IM). LYMEC has two types of member organisations: full members and associate members. LYMEC shall have a minimum of three full member organisations.

Delegates of full member organisations of LYMEC have the right to:

  • attend LYMEC events;
  • speak;
  • propose motions or resolutions;
  • propose amendments;
  • vote;
  • participate in a LYMEC working group;
  • put forward candidates for any election


To become a full member of LYMEC, any organisation must comply with the following criteria:

  • The organisation must be a national youth organisation, or a sub-national youth organisation that is not part of a national organisation;
  • The organisation is not a member of any other pan-European political organisation that is not based on liberal, radical democratic ideas;
  • It must be run by and for young people;
  • It must be democratically organised;
  • It must be based in a European country;
  • It must agree with the aims of LYMEC as expressed in these Statutes and broadly agree with its Manifesto and Policy Book;
  • It must have been an associate member organisation of LYMEC


Furthermore, in order for an application to be considered by the Congress, the following requirements must have been fulfilled:

  • The applicant organisation must provide a copy of its Statutes or Constitution in its original form and a copy in the working language of LYMEC;
  • The applicant organisation must provide a copy of its Political Program, Manifesto or ideological standpoints in its original form and a copy in the working language of LYMEC;
  • The applicant organisation must have been present at a minimum of four events, which shall include at least one statutory meeting, organised by LYMEC prior to the Congress where the application is considered;
  • The applicant organisation must provide details of its membership figures. The applicant must also state how it defines membership;
  • The applicant must declare any links (direct or indirect) with any other organisations and explain in full detail what form that link or dependence takes;
  • The applicant organisation must provide information on its sources of finance, this must include details of any State funding, party funding, membership fees, annual turnover and the budget;
  • At least one statutory event organised by the applicant organisation must be visited by a member of the LYMEC Bureau, the Secretary General, or the internal auditors.


Applications for full membership by the applicant organisation, as well as a Bureau report on the fulfillment of the above stated requirements must be submitted in writing to the Secretariat at least eight weeks prior to the Congress. All written material must thus be provided by the said deadline, and must be sent out to all members at least four weeks prior to the Congress. The application must be announced in the agenda of the Congress.

The Congress will decide upon the application by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.