Health Crisis Management

Insufficient coordination has been one of the biggest problems faced by the EU as it works to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. To deal with future public health crises, a much faster and more harmonised response is necessary.
LYMEC therefore calls for agencies such as the European Centre for Disease Control to be awarded new powers to intervene more rapidly. Additionally, we support the creation of an EU Infection Protection Regulation which would empower the European Commission to implement travel restrictions regarding the entry into the European Union. Finally, we call for greater solidarity between Member States in health matters, including the coordination of an effective vaccination strategy for all European citizens.

Humanitarian Visas

LYMEC considers that the current rules surrounding asylum applications create a catch-22 situation for asylum seekers, even those in a state of genuine humanitarian crisis. This increases demand for dangerous and illegal trafficking services, resulting in enormous human suffering and even death.
We therefore call on all EU Member States to commonly introduce a “humanitarian visa system”, which would allow refugees to enter the EU territory legally, and thus be able to seek asylum on humanitarian grounds upon arrival. All Member States should adopt common criteria for these humanitarian visas. There should be cooperation at European Union level to allow asylum seekers to apply for asylum in all Member States.

Human Rights

LYMEC has repeatedly expressed its commitment to continue to work for a united Europe that guarantees freedom, democracy and human rights. LYMEC has previously emphasized the need for a shared constitution as a step towards more clarity on the topic. LYMEC calls upon the EU to only fund projects that are compatible with the core values of the European Union; the human rights perspective should be an imperative part of future free-trade agreements, and the ECJ should have the necessary resources to speed up cases concerning the violation of human rights.

Human Trafficking

Free movement of people in the EU requires a robust strategy to combat human trafficking. LYMEC calls for the EU to do more to prevent human trafficking, including appointing impartial rapporteurs and doing more to tackle the issue at its roots.