Although not a Member State of the European Union, Iceland is closely integrated with the EU through its participation in the EEA, its membership of the Schengen Area, and its participation in social and cultural programmes, including Erasmus+. If the Icelandic people express a desire to join or further integrate with the EU, LYMEC calls for establishing a clear and concrete path towards such integration.

ID Cards

LYMEC is strongly in favour of the introduction of uniform biometric ID cards for countries within the Schengen zone. This would facilitate travel within the zone and strengthen cross-border security.

Integration of migrants

Although the need for integration and inclusion measures for third-country nationals residing in the EU has been recognised by the European Institutions, LYMEC considers more work needs to be done in this area.. We call on the Union and Member States to allocate more funding and resources to integration schemes and practices, especially those targeted at children and young people. There should be an emphasis placed on establishing swift procedures for the recognition of training and qualifications of migrants to ensure quick labour market integration and to fill skills shortages.