Preventing radicalisation is a key step to preventing terrorist extremist and violence. We believe in the importance of tackling the root causes of radicalisation within our societies - causes such as poverty, social exclusion, racism and discrimination. We acknowledge that radicalisation can occur in any social, religious or ideological grouping, and believe that greater engagement, particularly with young people, is key to preventing it.


Since 2015, there has been a dramatic increase in refugees seeking shelter in the EU, often taking deadly routes to get into the Union. Member states have imposed strict rules for refugees and the European Court of Justice has ruled that refugees are facing unacceptable living conditions in many member states, having been sent to refugee camps with poor conditions on arrival into a new country.LYMEC has called for a common European policy concerning refugees and other irregular migrants which would grant them full voting rights, provide adequate legal protection and allow them to return to their home countries if and when safe to do so. It must be guaranteed that nobody is sent back against their will and that cooperation from all parts of society is ensured. LYMEC has called for all EU Member States to commonly introduce a “humanitarian visa system” allowing refugees - including climate refugees - to enter the EU legally, and thus be able to claim asylum upon arrival.


Belonging to a network Provider that offers services in multiple countries does not prevent you from paying their roaming fees. Roaming charges should be phased out: they are not compatible with the Internal Market principle and price setting stifles competition rather than promotes it. Therefore, LYMEC calls for eliminating roaming inside the European Union jointly within the European Economic Area, and with the rest of the European Free Trade Area members.

Rule of Law

The EU is not simply an economic union but a value union founded on humanitarian principles. Europe is facing several threats to its peace and security, and turning a blind eye to these cases is unacceptable . We insist that these values should be upheld by introducing an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights - applicable to all member states. Countries which do not support these principles cannot be part of the European Union.


LYMEC deplores Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine, a war that began with Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea. Russia's war in Ukraine symbolises the morally corrupt nature of Russia's leadership and their contempt for the rule of law, the principle of national sovereignty and international humanitarian law. That said, LYMEC will always stand in solidarity with those freedom fighters and liberal political activists in Russia who are risking their lives to oppose the tyranny of the Putin regime.