Western Balkans

LYMEC recognises a common desire on the parts of both the EU and the Western Balkan states for EU integration. We support a renewed focus on the Western Balkan states and call upon the EU institutions and Member States to increase their support for economic development in the Western Balkan region. In particular, we call upon the EU to support the development of a common market, as outlined in the Sarajevo Declaration, and we call upon the Western Balkan states to move forward with internal reforms and implement the Copenhagen criteria.


We believe that transparency and openness are key underpinnings of a truly democratic society. Consequently, lawmakers must take steps to protect those who draw public attention to irregularities and corruption. LYMEC, therefore, calls for a European legal framework protecting whistleblowers and supporting them in making their disclosures. In sensitive cases, this framework should make provisions for whistleblowers to demand asylum in other EU Member States if they fear prosecution in their home country due to their disclosures.