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Stay informed, stay vigilant: Your digital rights are at stake❗

The #EU's controversial "Chat Control" proposal is under negotiation, aiming to scan all chats and emails, even encrypted ones, to combat online child abuse. This means our private conversations could be continuously monitored, putting every citizen under suspicion.

Imagine the state reading your messages, all in the name of child protection, and let’s be frank: Reading you messages will only be the beginning.✖️📲

While protecting children is vital, mass #surveillance isn't the answer. We need better solutions like enhanced police resources and targeted measures. The #europeanparliament will soon decide our digital future. Whether they will safeguard our #privacy or open the door to unprecedented state surveillance: it is now on us to make our voices heard for our #digitalrights. We need to urge our governments to stop chat control now! 🔒

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