Russia must pay for its crimes in Ukraine – a potential use of the frozen assets

Russia must be held more accountable for its crimes in Ukraine. Young liberals of Europe believe that the EU should explore ways to use frozen Russian assets to support regrowth in Ukraine.

Use frozen assets to pay for the damage

The war in Ukraine has resulted in many lives lost and terrible destruction to homes, buildings, and critical infrastructure. LYMEC therefore calls on the EU to explore ways for the Union to use frozen Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine. We welcome the announcement by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during her annual State of the Union address of increased aid to Ukraine. However, we also believe that Russia must be held more accountable and pay for its crimes. Using Russian frozen assets can be one way to do so.

Voices of Ukraine #3

On 13th September LYMEC held its third Voices of Ukraine – an online event that gathers representatives from LYMEC member organisations and representatives from Ukraine. This time the event featured Kira Rudik, chair of the Holos party in Ukraine and Vadym Halaichuk, MP of the party Sluga Narodu as special guests. The discussions focused mainly on the situation in the country, but most importantly what Europe can do to further stand with Ukraine. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has gone very well, and the Russian army is crumbling. A big part of this success was due to the delivery of heavy weapons coming from the West. Therefore, it is crucial that this support does not halt. LYMEC calls for the EU Member States, and their partners must use this momentum and further assist with weapons. This is an action that will ensure a faster victory to this war for Ukrainians. 

What can you do?

LYMEC continues to stand in solidarity and extend our support to Ukraine. our Ukrainian

members; European Youth of Ukraine, LDLU, and Ze!Molodizhka has shared ways we can continue to support Ukrainian people. They can be found here. More needs to be done to ensure the Ukrainian soldiers are getting the adequate resources they need to fight the war. Donations can be made here.

Slava Ukraini! 

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June 12 2023

Voices from Ukraine #4

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