Stockholm Congress documentation page

  1. Opening speech by LYMEC President and guests

  2. Roll call and voting rights

  3. Election of Congress chairs, secretaries and scrutineers

  4. Proposed agenda

  5. Adoption of minutes from the Congress in Tallinn

  6. Urgency of resolutions (in case of urgency resolutions handed in)

  7. Snap vote on the order of resolutions (with presentation of resolutions) Please note that this version of the resolutions book is from April 19th, 13:30 CET. Any version downloaded before that is invalid!

  8. Annual Report 2016 and debate (for information)

  9. Debate about the Bureau reports

  10. Debate about the Secretary General report

  11. ALDE Party Congress 2016: Report from the delegation

  12. Approval of the external auditor

  13. Finances

    1. 2016 Financial Report (UPDATED 11 MAY) including statement from the External Auditor
    2. Financial report January – May 2017 (for information)
    3. Requests for reduced membership fee and payment plans
    4. Internal Auditors' Report (for information)
    5. Revised Financial Protocol (for adoption)
  14. Membership issues

    1. Applications for associate membership
      1. Mladé ANO, Czech Republic: Application Mladé ANO, Mlade ANO Statutes and RoAMlade ANO Ideological standpoints
      2. UDI Jeunes, France: Application UDI JeunesUDI Jeunes StatutesUDI Jeunes Manifesto
      3. Youth Forum Naša stranka, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Application Youth Forum Naša StrankaYFNS StatutesYFNS Programme declaration
      4. Young Liberals, Greece: Application Young LiberalsYoung Liberals StatutesYoung Liberals Manifesto
      5. Nowoczesna Youth, Poland: Application Nowoczesna YouthNowoczesna Youth StatutesNowoczesna Youth Ideological Declaration
    2. Applications for full membership
    3. Suspension of membership and disaffiliations
  15. Election of the Delegation for ALDE Party Congress (presentations, questions and voting)

  16. Announcement of the elected Delegates for ALDE Party Congress

  17. Bureau proposal: Revision of the Statutes, the Rules of Association and the Rules of Procedure - based on the recommendation by the working group on the matter

    1. Motion to revise the statutory documents
    2. LYMEC Statues new
    3. LYMEC Congress Rules new
    4. Guide to the statutory changes
    5. Amendment Form Statutes
  18. Resolutions Please note that this version is from April 19th, 13:30 CET. Any version downloaded before that is invalid!

    • Amendments are to be made using the tool, here is more information.
  19. Reports from Working Groups

  20. Reports from Member Organisations

  21. Any other business

  22. Closing