The future of Europe is now!

"The election of numerous young Members of the European Parliament shows a pivotal moment for Liberals: we are ready to shape the European Union!

While the results were a success for many of our candidates, we will not turn a blind eye to the current political climate. There is a deeper reason why many young people are drawn to extremist ideologies and populism. It is imperative that we, as young liberals, advocate for policymakers to recognize that we possess the European solutions needed for a better future.

Something we agree on all across Europe: in the coming years, our focus must be on mobilizing voters and driving change. A belief in the European Union's potential will inspire them to cast their ballots and contribute to making it a better place."


- Ines Holzegger, LYMEC President

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August 24 2024

Digital Assembly #2 - 2024

Digital Assembly 2024-II Charting a Liberal Path to tackle the far-right and far-left   +++ Register here before Monday, 12 August 2024 at 14 h 00 ...

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