LYMEC is launching two working groups that will work throughout the new year, delivering the final results in our next Autumn Congress.


Working Group on the 40th anniversary of LYMEC

LYMEC was created in 1976, like the Federation of Liberal and Democrat Parties in Europe and as a consequence of the upcoming first direct democratic elections to the European Parliament. LYMEC is thus genetically attached to the European integration process and to a democratic, federalist vision of Europe. In this working group we want to call upon our members to revisit LYMEC’s four decades of existence and the multiple steps towards building a more transparent and democratic Europe.
This working group will be responsible for organizing several initiatives (events, activities) throughout the year of 2016.
To apply, send a maximum one page motivation letter giving some ideas on what you would like to implement as part of this working group to [email protected] until 11 of December.

Working Group on the Common Agricultural Policy

Following up on a very interesting debate on the future of CAP, we are also interested in further the debate and build a constructive and Liberal approach to the reform of this policy. We would thus like to invite all interested members in joining us in this process.
This group will have several online meetings, and at least one launch meeting in Brussels, mid-December.
To apply, send a maximum one page motivation letter giving some ideas on what you would like to implement as part of this working group to [email protected] until 3 of December. Preferably, you would be available to meet us at a small launch meeting on the 11th of December, Friday, in Brussels, from 14h. LYMEC will provide accommodation and a travel reimbursement of up to 100 euros.

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November 29 2023

LYMEC Special Policy Debate

Returning for a special edition, we are pleased to announce LYMEC’s next Policy Debate event. In this online session, we will dive into the highly-...

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