Youth Edition of the ELF Liberal Communicators Network 2021

If acting is the most crucial aspect in politics, communication is the most powerful tool to show people what you do and why you do it. It helps you provide information about your actions and communicate your ideas. It helps you build your public figure and convince others to follow you. Most importantly, it helps you inspire your members, fulfil your organization’s ambitions, and achieve your goals.

Under no circumstances could we do any of the above without these much needed skills, tools, and knowledge. And this is exactly what the youth version of the Liberal Communications Network Event, organized by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) in cooperation with the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) between 18-19 June focused on.

If I had to use three words to describe the event, I would say helpful, inspirational and above expectations. Helpful, because we acquired high-quality knowledge of the full spectrum of political communication; from building a concrete strategy and identifying our audience to organizing a successful campaign, properly using the social media, and effectively communicating our ideas. Inspirational, because the great coaches made us realize we can achieve whatever we want as long as we work hard enough, adjust ourselves and keep on learning. Above expectations because we did all the above in only two days.

Starting on Friday evening, we presented ourselves, our teams, and the main challenges we face. Straight after the introduction, Daniel Kaddik (Executive Director, ELF), Ida – Maria Skytte (Bureau member and Communications Officer, LYMEC) and Boryana Atanassova (Regional Director, FNF East and South-East Europe) discussed with us about the importance of communications and their personal experiences and introduced us to the main event. What a way to start!


If you want to succeed, act!

Afterwards, Sara Rønning Bæk, the spokesperson and advisor at ILoveGlobalGoals helped us understand how to build a communication strategy which focuses on campaigning and acting and inspires others to share our passion and follow us.


How and What are important… but first, find your Why!

Then, the floor was given to Vicky Martinez Dorr, the Communication Manager at ELF, who advised us on how to deal with the challenges we mentioned in the beginning of the event and elaborated the aspects of a successful Communications Strategy focusing on our audience, our vision and our main strengths.


Time to go Viral!

On Saturday morning, Sean Ellul, the Communications Officer at JEF Europe gave us great tips to deal with one of the biggest issues the Communications teams face: The proper use of digital tools and the social media algorithms.


Let’s create strong Political Communications!

Last but definitely not least, Jason Frazer, Head of Communications at Liberal International made us realize how to put everything into practice so as to create strong political communications, organize change-making campaigns and achieve remarkable results.

All in all, participating in such an event is a great opportunity for all the Young European Liberals. Not only do we acquire valuable knowledge and skills in order to help our teams grow and promote the liberal ideas in our countries, but we also meet members from other organizations, exchange ideas and best practices and build bridges so as to collaborate towards a more Liberal Europe.

In my case, managing the communications of a new organization is a huge challenge and this event helped me realize what the Young Liberals Greece Communications team can (and should) do in order to communicate our ideas in the best possible way. I understood how we should build a concrete strategy focusing on our audience, our purpose, and our strengths, I learned valuable tips about social media, and I am looking forward to putting everything into practice to organize successful campaigns with our team.

In the end, I wish to congratulate Ida-Maria Skytte (Bureau member and Communications Officer, LYMEC) and Bàlint Gyévai, (Secretary General, LYMEC) for the amazing job they did in organizing and moderating the event and to thank both LYMEC and ELF for the opportunity they gave us to enrich our communications skills and knowledge and to meet amazing people.



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July 16 2021

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