About Us

The European Liberal Youth, abbreviated as LYMEC, is a pan-European youth organisation seeking to promote liberal values throughout the EU as the youth organisation of the ALDE Party and the Renew Europe parliamentary group in the European Parliament.
LYMEC is made up of Member Organisations (MO) and Individual Membership (IM) and it is active across the breadth and diversity of the European continent. Our central aim is the creation of a liberal and federal Europe.
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Our basic aims and activities

In brief, our organisation aims to:

  • create a liberal and federal Europe;
  • educate its member organisations and individual members through the realisation of seminars, publications, group travel, symposia, courses and meetings;
  • increase the common understanding of liberal ideas among young people throughout Europe;
  • promote tolerance between cultures and individuals;
  • increase the level of political awareness and involvement of young people in politics including the promotion of active citizenship.

Recent activities include seminars organised in various European countries, conferences and symposia organised in the European Parliament, travel groups, demonstrations…

We gather together for Congresses and meetings in various locations throughout Europe during the year to exchange ideas and meet our fellow liberal colleagues. Check out the events

Our Mission

We in LYMEC fight for freedom, democracy, equality and human rights everyday, by spreading our values and policies to create a European liberal future for the youth and to ensure that their voices are heard.



Our history

LYMEC was established in 1976 as the ‘Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the European Community’. As a youth organisation, LYMEC supports the development of political and educational understanding of young people throughout Europe. LYMEC strives to play a political role within Europe by cooperating with other liberal and radical organisations – like ALDE Party – and to represent liberal interests in European youth movements.

Our Vision

A political home where young liberal individuals all over Europe can grow, share ideas and become the drivers for change.




Want to know more?

Check our Policy book and Electoral Manifesto! The Policy book is a key document defining what the values and aims of LYMEC are, whereas the Manifesto contains the main points which the young candidates at the last European Parliament elections in May 2019 were standing for.

Lymec Bureau

Lymec Staff

Internal Auditors




LYMEC is a youth organisation of:

  • Renew Europe, European Parliamentary Group and the European Committee of the Regions
  • Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Party


LYMEC is member of:

  • European Youth Forum
  • European Liberal Forum