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Written by Theodoros Sofianos, Member of the Libertas Editorial team   This opinion piece aims to look through a liberal lens at the heated discourse on the establishment of a police force called the "College Police" across Greek College campuses. This ...

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December 01 2022

Libertas is the official online magazine of LYMEC (European Liberal Youth).

Libertas is a platform for submissions from our member organisations and individual members on various political topics that are of general interest to European liberals. Its an international platform to share opinions created by young liberals for young people from all over Europe.


Written by Felix Sebastian Schulz, Libertas Editor in Chief   Last weekend, LYMEC held its Autumn Congress in Bucharest with around 150 delegates participating in-person. After the Spring Congress, where LYMEC elected its new board members, it was the f...

posted on

November 23 2022

Written by Toine Schouteten, member of JOVD   Vienna is a city in which, over 100 years after the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire, you can still feel the energy of a pan-European way of thinking. From the palaces where the Habsburgs used to reside, v...

posted on

November 15 2022

Written by Adam Volf, member of the Individual Section of LYMEC   Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom for 70 years. Something which remained unaltered throughout even the most turbulent periods of her long reign was the UK’s territorial integri...

posted on

November 07 2022

Written by Nima Hairy, LYMEC IMS   With Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the United Kingdom’s new Head of State, Charles III, did not only inherit the British throne - it also inherited a Club. Yet the role of the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, a pol...

posted on

October 24 2022

Written by Riccardo Onano, Individual Member of LYMEC    

posted on

October 17 2022