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Written by Marko Milutinovic, member of Libertas Editorial Team   At the beginning of May this year, the European Parliament adopted the position on the transnational lists with a large majority. This position came to life after the Constitutional Commi...

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July 21 2022

Libertas is the official online magazine of LYMEC (European Liberal Youth).

Libertas is a platform for submissions from our member organisations and individual members on various political topics that are of general interest to European liberals. Its an international platform to share opinions created by young liberals for young people from all over Europe.


Until autumn 2021 there were high school students who only knew Angela Merkel as German chancellor. For 16 years she governed the biggest country in the European Union (EU) and steered the fate of 82 Million German citizens.  Her chancellery was marked ...

posted on

July 13 2022

Written by Sina Behrend, JuLis member and LYMEC IMS   “Do good things and talk about it”- this common phrase is not to be underestimated - especially in politics. It is a clue for good results in elections, to have people know what you are doing and why...

posted on

July 07 2022

Written by Adrian Kokk, member of the Libertas Editorial Team   With only a few months left until the next parliamentary election, the Swedish Liberal Party is trying to find its place in an increasingly harsh political discourse. Johan Pehrson, who rec...

posted on

June 20 2022

Written by Margaux Carron, member of the Editorial team and Felix Schulx, Libertas Editor in Chief   After two years of absence, an Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party Congress took place in person in Dublin. Hundreds of Liberals ...

posted on

June 16 2022

Written by Cristian Preoteasa-Maier, member of Libertas Editorial Team   The beautiful city of Prague was been the host of LYMEC’s latest congress. The European liberal family elected its new bureau and managed to discuss some of the resolutions propose...

posted on

June 10 2022