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Apollonkatu 11a, Helsinki 00100 , Finland

Address or City: Apollonkatu 11a, Helsinki 00100 , Finland

Keskustanuoret – Finnish Centre Youth is a strong force for change and the most influential political youth organization in Finland. Our members have the permission to have their own voice and the opportunity to grow into a person who respects diversity and nature. Members of our organization are young people aged 15–30 and they come from all corners of the sparsely populated land of Finns. We are the youth organization of Keskusta (Centre Party of Finland) and the history of Finnish Centre Youth dates to 1945, when the organization was officially founded.

Finnish Centre Youth strives to promote regional equality and highlight the importance of home regions to humanity – regardless of the location of one’s home. We welcome diversity and accept all newcomers as they are. We encourage and raise young people into adulthood, where they take responsibility for their own and other people’s well-being. Matters are resolved through constructive discussion and mediation, valuing differences. We promote responsible and sustainable utilization of nature. It is important for us to maintain a genuine and close relationship with nature.