Dimitra Papadopoulou

Communications Officer

Home Country: Germany

Affiliation: JuLis

Territorial Responsibilities: Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dimitra “Dimi“ Papadopoulou is a Social Sciences student at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. She previously worked in Influencer Management and as a Social Media Manager for Members of the German Federal Parliament and North-Rhine-Westphalia's State Parliament. 
With her passion for digital media and international affairs, Dimitra served on many committees of FDP and Junge Liberale members, bridging the gap between these topics. Previously, Dimi served as the JuLis International Communications Officer. Furthermore, she was responsible for policy working groups on a local and state level regarding Education, Security, and European Integration.
Growing up as a Migrant in rural Germany meant becoming an object of negative political communication before one's interest in politics could develop. Hence, her political passion lies in using political communication to advocate for Youth Education, embrace Artificial Intelligence, and fight Authoritarianism and the Far Right. As a member of the current Bureau, she aspires to make liberalism viral again.