Abel Hartman

As LYMEC we have demonstrated an ability to bring new and ambitious ideas to previous ALDE congresses to try and tackle not just the problems we see today, but also those that we as the youth know will confront global society in the future. This desire to innovate and discuss new ideas as a delegation was an important drive for me to take part in the last digital ALDE congress and is also why I now once again want to become a candidate for the delegation. Because while we may not always see eye to eye with ALDE’s member parties, I believe we have to push the envelope on issues like climate, social and economic rights, and of course the future of Europe. I want to continue the good work of previous delegations and bring in my professional experience currently as a policy officer at the Australian Embassy in the Netherlands and previously as an intern at the Council of the EU and at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.