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May 11 2023 - May 13 2023

FNF Policy Hackathon - Stregthening the EU as a Global Actor

May 11, 2023 at 6:00pm - May 13, 2023

FNF Policy Hackathon - Stregthening the EU as a Global Actor

Join FNF for the Policy Hackathon for young liberals! This event challenges you to explore how the European Union can strengthen its role as a global actor from within. We invite all interested participants to register for this exciting opportunity by April 11th at this registration link. 

This hackathon will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from the 11th to the 13th of May. If selected, travel and accommodation costs will be covered by FNF Europe

During the event, four teams of four young liberals from all over Europe will discuss proposals to address the following aspects of the main challenge:

  • The EU as Security & Defence Actor

What role does the EU take on in an age of increased tensions like the war in Ukraine and how can it organise itself better internally to prepare for future scenarios? What could our future security architecture look like or what mechanisms may be put in place?

  • The EU’s Role in a new World Order

The future of transatlantic relations and the global hierarchy in the wake of rising systems competition remain uncertain. What role does the EU aim to take on and what does it need to change at home to become a more unified actor that can take on global leadership?

  • The EU as Economic Powerhouse

Economy and trade are the EU’s most powerful tools, but with great power comes great responsibility: How can new directives like the due diligence provision strengthen the EU as global trade player, when it comes to aspects of responsibility in sustainability and human rights?

  • The EU’s Role in Promoting Human Rights & Democracy

How can the EU be taken seriously as global value hegemon if democracy is deteriorating within its borders? What is the future of approaches like the rule of law conditionality mechanism within the EU and do foreign democracy tools like the Everything But Arms Agreement work or do we need new approaches?


At the end of the hackathon, all teams will pitch their ideas to the judges. While all proposals will be published, only one team will get the chance to win the competition and travel to the FNF Annual Conference in Berlin in October 2023 to present their winning ideas to a global audience of liberal stakeholders.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the solution and contribute to the future of the European Union. Register now and secure your spot at the Policy Hackathon for young liberals!

May 11, 2023 at 6:00pm - May 13, 2023

Lisbon, Portugal