Member Organizations

Liberal Youth of Montenegro

Podgorica, Podgorica Municipality, Montenegro

Address or City: Podgorica, Podgorica Municipality, Montenegro

Young Liberals of Montenegro is a youth organization of the Liberal Party and a voluntary organization that brings together and represents all young people in Montenegro who follow and accept as their values, ideas and principles of liberalism, liberal democracy and free society. Young Liberals are part of European and world liberal networks and alliances, full members of LYMEC and IFLRY. The young liberals of Montenegro enjoy autonomy within the LPCG and are not subordinate to any other party body.

Realizing the importance but also the complexity of the youth population and the challenges they face, we are determined to clearly profile and offer guidelines for the best development of living conditions and quality of life for young people and students,

Believing in the necessity of equal opportunities for all, especially for young and educated people who are ready to improve society and the state with their abilities, knowledge, skills and energy, we have committed ourselves to political and civic duty to create a social environment in which such an opportunity and the chances to valorize and truly live in the best way,

By placing young people and students at the center of political action, we have made clear our commitment to establishing a platform that will unite all progressive, free and thinking young people in the country around our idea, regardless of personal, national, religious, sexual, sexual or otherwise. , because the involvement of young people in the decision-making and policy-making processes that determine the society of tomorrow and the future that remains with young people is the greatest duty of us as young leaders and liberal individuals;

Young Liberals will be a forum for all ideas, free debates, grounded thinking and making decisions that are relevant to what are the principles of freedom proclaimed by our Program.