London Congress documentation page

Draft Agenda Autumn Congress 2019

8-10 November 2019, London, United Kingdom

Venue: David Game College – 31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET

  1. Opening speech by LYMEC President and guests
  2. Roll call and voting rights
  3. Election of Congress chairs, secretaries and scrutineers
  4. Adoption of the agenda
  5. Adoption of minutes from the congress in Brussels
  6. Urgency of resolutions (in case of urgency resolutions handed in) Urgency resolutions can be submitted using the resolution tool until the opening of Congress (8.11.2019 17:00)
  7. Snap vote on the order of resolutions (with presentation of resolutions)
  8. Annual Report and debate (for information)
  9. Bureau reports and debate about the reports
  10. Interim Secretary General Report Bàlint Gyévai and debate about the report
  11. Secretary General Report Danica Vihinen
  12. Approval of the new Secretary General on proposal of the Bureau: 1) Motivation Letter  2) CV
  13. Finances
    1. Requests for reduced membership fee and payment plans
    2. Interim Financial Report
    3. Revised budget 2019
    4. Proposed membership fees 2020
    5. Interim Internal Auditors’ report
    6. Draft LYMEC budget 2020
    7. Draft ELF budget 2020
  14. Membership issues
    1. Applications for Associate Membership
    2. Applications for Full Membership
    3. Suspensions
    4. Disaffiliations
  15. Statutory Changes:  a) Proposal for Co-Presidency  + explanation from the Bureau b) Sunset clause in policy book
  16. Motions and Resolutions but also final amendments list are available here.
  17. ALDE Party Congress 2019: report from delegation
  18. Reports from Member Organisations, IMS, the Committee of Discipline and Arbitrage and LYMEC Working Groups
  19. Any other business
  20. Closing