LYMEC proudly introduces the Freedom Fund, making it possible for even more member organisations to be present at our congresses!

The Freedom Fund will provide financially constrained member organisations with a travel reimbursement for participation in LYMEC congresses. The aim is to increase the democratic aspect of the congress by enabling more member organisations to exercise their voting rights and take part in the highest decision-making body of the organisation.

LYMEC President Sissel Kvist is very happy with the launch of the Freedom Fund. “The problem of some member organisations being absent at congresses due to financial difficulties have been prevalent for years. It is especially difficult for those outside the European Union, where youth organisations do not have many options for public funding or where liberals are in opposition to an authoritarian regime. While we have been offering a reduced participation fee, we have so far not been able to overcome the challenge of covering travel costs. By reprioritising our budgets, we are now able to offer travel reimbursements for up to 5 delegates per congress.

The name of the Fund came by itself. As young liberals, freedom is our core, and with this new fund more people can take part, thus the name Freedom Fund.”

The reimbursements are granted upon application, and all applications are assessed by the LYMEC Bureau. More information regarding the criteria for applying as well as deadlines can be found here. For inquiries regarding the Freedom Fund, please contact LYMEC president Sissel Kvist (sissel(at)


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