Open Call for LYMEC Delegation to ALDE Congress 2023!

Elections to select the LYMEC delegation to the ALDE Party Congress 2023 will take place during our Autumn Congress in Bucharest, Romania on 19 November 2022. The call for applications is open until Friday 21 October 2022 with the deadline being at 16 H CET (Brussels time). This deadline is to have candidates’ names be featured on the elections page. The candidate’s website and candidates’ debate will be held two weeks before the Congress. Nominations can be submitted beforehand and on the spot at the Congress. Nevertheless, applying before the Friday 21 October deadline will ensure candidates will feature on the “Elections Page” and will be able to properly participate in the online debate which will be organised ahead of the Congress.

Nominations can, but do not have to, be supported by a nomination letter from the Member Organisation (not applicable for IMS). Please apply by sending an email including a small motivation letter, a short description of yourself, and a picture of yourself to [email protected]. We recommend that everyone wishing to apply, read this guide before running in order to make sure the responsibilities of the delegates are clear. The ALDE Party Congress will be most likely held in Spring 2023 (May-June). 

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