Free Movement of Labour

LYMEC regards free movement of labour as being a positive force for both ‘sending’ and ‘hosting’ countries; moreover, it is one of the fundamental freedoms of the EU. We believe that transitional restriction periods for new EU member States should be abolished, and call upon all liberal organisations to promote free movement of labour.
Additionally, LYMEC calls upon Member States to simplify hiring and firing procedures within their economies, and on the EU to develop and promote flexibility in the labour market, while ensuring security for job seekers. Finally, lifelong learning should be promoted throughout the EU, both among jobseekers and the employed, to support European competitiveness on the global stage.

Freedom of Belief

LYMEC believes that respect for freedom of thought and belief is a core liberal value, and that discrimination on the grounds of religious belief or background is never acceptable. However, we believe that freedom of speech must include the right to question, criticise or satirise any and all religions. Moreover, states and governments should be strictly secular on all religious matters.

Freedom of Speech

We consider freedom of speech to be a core liberal value, and one that must be rigorously defended. To this end, we urge all Member States which maintain lèse-majesté and/or blasphemy laws to repeal them, as standard laws against libel and defamation are all that is necessary.