Same-Sex Marriage

Discrimination against individuals based on sexual or gender orientation is incompatible with liberal values. LYMEC regrets that certain EU Member States still do not allow same-sex couples to enter into marriage, and that civil partnerships and other legally-recognised partnerships do not always confer the same benefits as marriage. We believe strongly that all forms of contractual partnership must be given equal status and confer equivalent rights as heterosexual marriage; furthermore, we would urge the European Commission to amend the Founding Treaties to introduce same-sex marriage in all Member States.


The right to self-determination of all people is contained in, among others, the Charter of the United Nations. LYMEC calls upon all European Member States to recognise this right, and to commit to solving questions of self-determination through peaceful and democratic means, keeping in mind always the need for respect for the rule of law, and human and fundamental rights.
We call upon the EU to act as a facilitator in cases where a dialogue between states and region in cases where dialogue within a legal framework has collapsed.


LYMEC calls on the European Union to promote both the achievement of higher studies and the setting up of new businesses, as young people need a clear legal status to be able to achieve their studies and work as an entrepreneur simultaneously, as well as advice in setting up their own business. The European Commission should officially recognize the "student-entrepreneur" status and inscribe this system in its Youth and Job Strategies.