Save Biodiversity!

There is a high likelihood that humanity has already overstep, or will soon do so, the planetary boundaries for biosphere integrity.

During the last fifty years, the major animal populations of the world have decreased by an average of 68% across all regions. The European population of pollinators has also seen a steady decline in recent years.

Strong and healthy populations of pollinators are essential for our ecosystems and for maintaining food security in Europe. A further population decrease would mean losses in agricultural output, and an increased risk of ecosystem collapse.

To combat this, LYMEC wants to:

  • Extend Natura 2000-areas, nature reserves, national parks and other protected areas in the EU to at least 30% of the total land and sea area.
  • Strengthen the EU Pollinator Initiative, by adopting stronger legislation on pesticide use, stronger protections for the most threatened pollinator species & encouraging agricultural businesses to take action.
  • Include protection of pollinators in the biodiversity and agricultural policies of the European Union.
  • Push for high standards on biodiversity and ecological protection in all major EU trade agreements.
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April 23 2024

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