IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate Partial Elections

Exciting news! LYMEC is opening applications for the new IMS Steering Committee 2024-2026 and one spot for IMS Delegate as By-Election! Are you passionate about shaping the future of our organisation? Here's your chance to get involved!

In accordance with our statutes, the IMS Steering Committee undergoes renewal within two months following the election of the new LYMEC Bureau. We are seeking two dynamic young liberals to join this committee and contribute with their ideas and expertise. That's not all - due to the recent resignation of one IMS Delegate, we're also holding a by-election to select a replacement who will work alongside our other two current IMS Delegates Adam Volf and Even Diot until the end of their mandate.

Do you have what it takes to be a driving force within LYMEC? Are you ready to make a difference and represent the voices of Individual Members? If so, scroll down for more information on how you can become a part of our team and shape the future of LYMEC!

What’s the role of the Steering Committee?

In accordance with our statutes, the IMS Steering Committee must be elected in the Spring following the Bureau elections. The Committee consists of three members: one appointed Bureau Member and two elected Individual Members. We are now officially opening the call for the election of the two Individual Members of the Steering Committee for the 2024-2026 mandate!

Article 15 – Individual Members Steering Committee

(1) The Individual Member Steering Committee coordinates and organises the Individual Members Section. Its specific duties and rights are specified in the internal rules of the Individual Members’ Section.  

(2) The Steering Committee is composed of a bureau member appointed by the bureau and two individual members elected for a term of two years.

  • The Steering Committee for the Individual Members' Section coordinates, oversees, and animates activities within the IMS section. It serves as a liaison with the LYMEC Bureau to ensure alignment with strategic development goals. Additionally, the Steering Committee represents the interests of Individual Members within LYMEC.
  • We are seeking candidates who are highly motivated to enhance the working structures of the Steering Committee, drive forward the IMS section, and can commit sufficient time to fulfil their responsibilities. This last point is very important, the mandate should be taken seriously. 

What’s the role of the IMS Delegates?

Since one of the IMS Delegates elected at the beginning of 2024 had to resign from her role, we hereby announce the partial elections to select one IMS delegate who will work together with Adam Volf and Even Diot (LYMEC IMS Delegates) until the end of the current mandate. We hereby open the call for candidacies for the position! The timeline for this election aligns with that of the IMS Steering Committee election.

  • The tasks and duties of the IMS delegates are to represent the Individual Members at the statutory meetings of LYMEC (Congresses). 
  • One key aspect of their role is to coordinate the input from Individual Members during these meetings. This includes actively engaging in discussions, proposing resolutions, motions, and amendments that reflect the interests and perspectives of Individual Members. By doing so, IMS delegates contribute to shaping LYMEC's agenda and policies. 
  • IMS delegates serve as a link between IMS and the Steering Committee to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Please keep in mind that being an IMS delegate is a serious commitment and you will have responsibilities. There is one Congress left in the mandate, therefore we strongly encourage people to only apply if you certainly can attend the LYMEC Autumn Congress in November 2024. Please double-check your duties in our IMS Internal Rules.

Deadlines and Requirements

Deadline for applications for both the IMS Steering Committee and the IMS Delegate by-election is Monday, 26 April 2024 at 16 h 00 pm Brussels time (CEST). Please specify the role you are applying for in the subject of the email.

To apply, please send the following materials to [email protected]:

  • A motivation letter (1 page max.)
  • Your CV (1 page max.)
  • A picture (minimum 300*300 pixels)
  • A short (max 50 word) motivation for the website

NB: The CVs will be available on the LYMEC webpage for the duration of the elections, so please refrain from including personal data such as address, phone number etc.

All candidates will be presented on an election website that will open by Monday, 29 April 2024. The candidates will also be presented in an email to all Individual Members, and an online debate between candidates will take place between the days before the elections. Exact dates will be determined in consultation with the candidates. 

All Individual Members who have registered and paid their membership fee by FRIDAY 19 April 2024 are eligible to run and vote in the elections. If you are unsure about the status of your membership, please contact [email protected] well before the deadline.

The elections will take place between Friday 3 May at 10 h 00 am CEST and Monday 6 May at 10 h 00 CEST. The results will be announced shortly after the end of the elections.

The elections will be conducted online, in accordance with the statutes of the organisation. A separate email with instructions regarding the voting will be sent in due time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact [email protected] or one of the IMS Delegates at [email protected].

Timeline for the Elections

8 April 2024: Call for applications for IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate By-Election

19 April 2024: Deadline to pay the membership fee to run and/or vote in the elections

26 April 2024: Deadline to receive applications

29 April 2024: Announcement of candidates, launch of elections website and planning of the debates

3 to 6 May 2024: Online elections


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