Meet the Candidates - IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate

Fresh from the elections at our Spring Brussels Congress, LYMEC is back with more elections, this time for 2 spots on its IMS Steering Committee. Also up for election will be the one IMS Delegate vacancy that was created as a result of the previous holder being elected to the LYMEC Bureau.

The elections will take place online between Friday 3 May at 10 h 00 am CEST and Monday 6 May at 10 h 00 CEST.

You are invited to follow the Candidates' debate on Thursday, 2 May 2024 from 20 h 00 pm CEST, taking place online on Zoom!


Please find below the candidates:


IMS Steering Committee 

Christopher Jefferies

The IMS should (and I would) ensure that anyone who joins the IMS knows right off the bat: how they can get involved, what level of commitment would be expected of them, and have access to contacts for people who can bring them along their liberal journey. 


Tim Robinson

In my years of serving the IMS as a Congress Delegate, I’ve learned just how much we can achieve, but also how pressingly we need better engagement to maintain and grow the IMS. I will focus on making sure members are engaged and excited to be part of the IMS.


Yiannis Korkovelos

Coming from a country with no youth liberal organization, my priority will be to amplify policy discussions in Brussels and online for IMS, while ensuring that individual members’ ideas are heard and have an impact. Young liberals across Europe should be heard, and will be heard making our voice loud by offering solutions for our future.


IMS Delegate

Silvia Fernandez

I am confident in the significant impact the IMS can have within LYMEC, and I am eager to become a member of the delegation. With your support, I will work towards strengthening the IMS position within LYMEC and ensuring its continued success. 


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